Bulletin Board Ideas

I have two bulletin boards in my classroom. Each one measures 1.2m x 2.5m. So they’re actually pretty big.

You know bulletin board seems boring when you just simply put the student’s work and then…nothing?

So I thought I came up with a theme for each board. One is Christmas

and the other one is a magic tree garden.

I’ll explain why.

Christmas simply because Christmas is coming. However I have more reasons why I made the magic tree garden. Here’s why:

1. You can put anything in the garden, from flowers, animals, things in the sky, etc. So it basically covers a whole range of themes and you can put any random things in the garden.

2. The magic tree has a wonderful power over my students. I simply told them that if they are not listening to the teachers, or basically anything that’s not very nice, it’ll make the magic tree sad.

There’s no facial expression there in the picture because I added the tree’s smiling expression after I took this photo.

Anyway, I’ll tell you how to make each bulletin board kay.


I used asturo papers for the snow on the bottom, the sky, Mr. Snowman, St.Claus, the christmas tree, and the presents. I basically just stapled it into the board. For the snowman’s scarf, Santa’s green goodie bag, and the falling snow, I used crepe paper. I stuffed Santa’s bag with crepe papers too to make it puffy. Then I put some ribbon on the presents and tie santa’s goodie bag with the ribbon too. Lastly, I put some glitters on the snow to make it sparkly and to give a magical feeling to it as well.

I asked the children to decorate some Christmas ornaments so then I can put them on the tree. I printed some pictures of the christmas ornaments (basically any christmas themed coloring page you can find on Google) and then I asked them to cut it. When it’s all done then I laminated the ornaments and sticked it on the christmas tree. DONE! :)

Magic tree Garden:

Asturo papers for the sky, the trunk of the tree, the branches (if you can see it), the grass, the road, and the white picket fence. As for the leaves, I cut a lot of crepe papers in the shape of the leaves, and staple them to make it colorful like this:

And job’s done! :)

As for the yellow mouses on the road, that’s the kids’ work that I put up on the board.

Hope that inspires you to decorate your own bulletin board ;)



Today I was making binoculars with kids from toilet rolls. You know those hard part that you will find after you finish a toilet roll? Yup, that’s the one I meant.

Materials you need:

– 2 toilet rolls (like the ones shown in the picture)

– Paints of any color you fancy

– Brush

– Newspaper (so your floor/table is not going to be messy)

– Ribbon of your favorite color

– A pair of scissor

– Hole puncher

– A stapler

– A palette



1. Paint the toilet rolls separately. Don’t forget to have your newspaper on your table so it won’t be messy.

2. When it’s dry, staple the two rolls together.

3. Make a hole on each side of the rolls for us to tie the ribbon.

4. Cut the ribbon at a desirable length.

5. Your binocular is done!

End result:


Have fun!!! Let me know how yours look like kay? :)



Monkey Door Hanger

The kids in my classroom were learning about houses and for arts and craft class, I was planning to do something that they can put in their house. Something not too bulky, not too small, and useful. As I was doing my research on it, I came across an idea to make a door hanger for the kid’d bedroom. So I googled it and found something interesting from www.timesonourhands.com which was animal themed door hanger. Unfortunately I didn’t have the enough time on my hands to buy and have these cute door hangers delivered from the website so I thought I make my own instead by using asturo papers.

Since little kids are like little cheeky monkeys, I thought of asking the kids to make the monkeys. So, here are the materials that you need to make the monkey door hanger (see the picture below):

– Scissor

– Glue

– a pair of googly eyes

– Felt pens

– Asturo papers / foam

– Hole puncher

Another good thing about making this monkey door hanger is that you can hang it upside down, as you can see on the picture. This is the end result of how the monkey should look like. As a variation, you can write anything you want on the body of the monkey. For example: my room, please knock on the door before you enter, do not disturb, or even your name! How cool is that?!


– You can use the hole puncher for the belly button

– You can draw different facial expressions.

– You can go fancy smancy by using flannels that can act as the fur of the monkey.


Enjoy! :)


Few days ago the kids have just started learning about dimension. They learned to compare objects by their sizes, weights, and colors. I found a set of the famous Russian dolls or better known as babushka in the classroom and I thought it would be a great tool as a demo for students about different sizes. They can compare sizes, compare colors, and compare which is heavier than others. The best part is, it’s a hands-on learning experience!

With babushka, you can ask the children questions like:

– Which one is the biggest/smallest/most colorful?

– Which one is one size smaller than the biggest / one size bigger than the smallest?

– Can the bigger doll fit into the smaller doll?

In addition to that, I found a great website that allows your kids to make their own set of babushka. Here’s the link: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/russian_dolls.htm

It’s a great follow-up for this particular lesson, and the kids are happy!

Here’s a picture of the babushka that the children made after the lesson:











Comments/questions are welcomed!