More of Me


Hello you! In here you can find out a little more about myself.

Feel free to have a read.

Me, Indonesia, and New Zealand

My name is Regina. My close ones call me Nina. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to New Zealand – Auckland to be exact – in 2007 for my university degree. I did my degree in Education and Psychology and by the grace of God I managed to finish it in 2011. I’ve been working with children since 2008 when I first got my internship in Montessori Kindergarten and since then I can’t imagine living in a world without them.

A world shared with the little ones

Interesting enough I used to think children were hm…notveryniceahandfulandmessy. As much as that’s true, those stuffs didn’t seem to matter anymore since I let myself to fall in love with my little boyfriend – Luca – who was two in 2007 when he first stole my heart. He was my homestay mum’s grandson. I can say a thousand words about him, but I shall not bore you with that ;)

As the story goes, it’s gotten a little tricky to find a job as a fresh grad. Although I’ve been working with kids (that seems like I’ve been doing it) all my life, somehow those experience just weren’t enough. Then I got a job offer back home in Jakarta, so then I flew back and left New Zealand for good in June 2012, and taadaaa now I’m working as a kindergarten teacher!


The reasons behind all of these

I am working in an IB school, and somehow understanding their system can be very tricky. For all the hard works, struggles, joy, and effort in preparing activities for the kiddos (especially on the first few months), I thought it would be nice to share the activities/methods that I come up with and what I’ve found on the Internet with others who are in the same boat as me. So all the posts that I have posted and will post here will be based on what I did to keep my 4-5 year olds busy and educated at the same time, as well as what I think would be useful for teachers or even mommies.

So, enjoy! Remember, children learn best when they are having fun ;)




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