Chinese New Year: the Year of the (Pretty) Snake!

Hello everyone!! As some of you may be aware, Chinese New Year is near! This year it falls on the 10th of February and that day will mark the beginning of the year of the snake and end the year of the dragon. As it is a pretty big thing here in the place where I’m working at – because most of us are Chinese descendants – so we plan to have a celebration for CNY!

To help the kids get excited with the upcoming event, we got crafty and made some stuffs that I thought are worth sharing. Firstly, the famous chinese lanterns (pic below).


I know that most of you know how to make the lanterns. If you don’t, easy! Just get an A3 size paper, fold it into 2, and draw lines on them and cut it! If you still don’t get the idea, click here. The thing we did differently this time is that I inserted balloons inside the lanterns to make it actually look like a lantern! Yellow and red balloons are the best though :)

Secondly, we made the pretty snake! It’s the same concept as any other bangles stuffs that are joined together. You just need to add ribbon, goggly eyes, and another ribbon for the tongue. Done! My kids love their snakes to bits and it took 1 good hour for them to make it :)


Happy Chinese New Year folks! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)


Ps: will give my students the red pocket money filled with chocolate coins this time :p


2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year: the Year of the (Pretty) Snake!

    • Hey thanks! Which part of the post that you’d like me to elaborate more? Sorry if it was not very clear :) I’ll be more than happy to elaborate it for you! x

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