“Rain rain go away, come again another day!”

Familiar with that nursery rhyme? :)

First of all, please let me apologize for not posting anything since new year. I just got back to work about a week ago, and the kids just started to tuned in again to school mode. After a long holiday little ones tend to “forget” about the routines, and of course, the disciplines!

Today has been declared a holiday by the Governor of Jakarta due to the extreme weather condition. I was only able to work on Monday and Tuesday as the weather was so dreadful. It’s raining all day everyday and the floods have started to come and cover most part of Jakarta. To cut the story short, my students felt quite sad as they can’t play outside due to the rain. We’ve been singing rain-themed songs and watched Winnie the Pooh on Youtube.

After we watched Winnie the Pooh, we made some stuffs as a follow up and the kids LOVED it! It gave them a sense of hope that the rain will eventually stop and there comes the rainbow. So we made our own version of cloud+rainbow (you can see the picture below).


I made the sun and the kids made the clouds and the rainbow :)

To make them you’ll need:

  • – Asturo paper – for the clouds. I cut the pattern of the clouds, they’re about A3 size each.
  • – Glue
  • – Ribbons of rainbow colors.
  • – Soft-toy stuffings. I tried to use cottons, but they didn’t turn out really well as they’re not puffy enough and the materials were a bit hard for children to work on. Soft-toy stuffings are much fluffier and they stick well ie. not messy. The kids love to play with it too :)
  • – Glue tack to tack it on the wall :)

This activity can be very useful when the weather is really bad outside. It really cheered them up and they were so proud of their own work!

Hope it brightens up your day!

xx, R


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