Intermezzo Post

This is just an intermezzo post, totally unrelated to kids and how to keep them busy.

This year I am blessed that I can spend Christmas in the Holy Land and new year in beautiful Turkey – Istanbul to be exact.

Neway, I pray that whoever that reads or have read my blog will be given a chance to go to the holy land one day, with their hearts open and they are 100% healthy. I want you to feel as blessed (or even more) than I do :)

Just want to wish all of you a happy merry Christmas and happy new year! 2013 is going to be a year of blessings. Things happen when you believe it! ;)

And, my promise to you as per Jan 1 2013 is that I will post more regularly, come up with more (hopefully) original
ideas, and (super hopefully) FREE printables!! All just for you and you little ones :)

Lastly, let us not forget to say I love you to everyone, hug them a little tighter at Christmas, and kiss them at new year!

Love you readers to bits :)

Xx – R


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