Reindeer Cupcakes

Although the teaching unit has ended, the kids still have to come to school everyday till the end of this week…basically they’re just doing nothing. So I had to really crack my brain to find ways to keep them busy until the home-time bell rang!

I decided to let the kids decorate some cupcakes! To do this activity, you need to:

1. Bake cupcakes. You can do this either with your kids (if you have oven at home/school), or you can bake the cupcakes yourself and bring them to school. I baked 20 chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe on the Internet :)

2. Prepare the icing.

Now to make reindeer cupcakes, you need chocolate icing. I used buttercream icing with a wee bit of chocolate coloring gel from Wilton. You can use cocoa powder too if you wanna go a bit more natural and food-coloring free. Make it a a bit more than you think you might need though.

3. You need pretzels (for the antlers), chocolate chips (for the eyes), and chocolate buttons or m&m’s (for the nose). Just buy a packet from the supermarket :)

4. You need palette knife.


Now, step by step instruction:

1. Put some icing and ‘tidy’ it up with the palette knife.

2. Put the chocolate chips first, so you’ll roughly know where to put the nose and the pretzels.

This is the picture of how the kids’ cupcakes look like:

Reindeer Cupcakes

Cute right?


This activity is actually really good for bonding time with your little ones and have fun with christmasy stuffs at the same time!

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Hope it helps you :)





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