My Listening Ear

Basically got the idea from this website I’m not too sure why but there are some period of times when kids just don’t listen. They just don’t. Seriously. As a teacher (and I’m sure you mommies out there too), it can be a very stressful thing when your kids just don’t listen to you.

Since we were learning about senses on the last unit, and after I’ve done my research, I stumbled upon the website I mentioned above. So I decided to make it with the kids – My Listening Ear. We made an agreement that whoever don’t listen to the teacher maybe needs to borrow Mr. Elephant’s ears so it’ll be easier for them to listen to something because they’ll have a much bigger ear! So, what happened was, if they didn’t listen to me, I’d ask them to wear their listening ear until they can listen to me without having me to raise my voice. And GUESS WHAT, IT WORKED LIKE A MAGIC WAND! :D

To make it basically you just need:

1. An asturo paper, cut it length wise (to make it like a strap) and measure it according to your child’s head circumference and staple it together at the end.

2. Draw a huge as pair of ears. Ask the kids to color it. Make sure you leave a gap to paste it later on.

3. Cut the ears, and paste it on the asturo paper that you just cut on the sides.

4. Write “My Listening Ears” on a piece of paper and ask them to paste it.

5. Wear it when you get tired of them not listening ;p

So here’s how one of my students’ listening ears look like:Image


Hope that helps :)

xx, R

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