Christmas Advent Calendar

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything much lately because I’ve been sick. People, make sure you know what drugs you’re allergic to okay?! :)


Because the study unit ended on the last day of November, however the kids are still coming in to school for another two weeks. So in order to keep them busy for 5 hours a day for the next 2 weeks, I did my research on advent calendars and other christmasy stuffs. Found a couple really good ones from

If you look on the bottom of advent calendars on the website, you’ll see some christmas ornaments as well which are some paper dolls. I made them in class as well with the kiddos and stick them on a tissue roll (I cut the tissue roll into 3) so it will stand. You can use it either for a christmas ornaments or you can also put a string on top of the paper dolls and hang it on the christmas tree! :)

Hope this helps to keep your kids busy this christmas!


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