Chinese New Year: the Year of the (Pretty) Snake!

Hello everyone!! As some of you may be aware, Chinese New Year is near! This year it falls on the 10th of February and that day will mark the beginning of the year of the snake and end the year of the dragon. As it is a pretty big thing here in the place where I’m working at – because most of us are Chinese descendants – so we plan to have a celebration for CNY!

To help the kids get excited with the upcoming event, we got crafty and made some stuffs that I thought are worth sharing. Firstly, the famous chinese lanterns (pic below).


I know that most of you know how to make the lanterns. If you don’t, easy! Just get an A3 size paper, fold it into 2, and draw lines on them and cut it! If you still don’t get the idea, click here. The thing we did differently this time is that I inserted balloons inside the lanterns to make it actually look like a lantern! Yellow and red balloons are the best though :)

Secondly, we made the pretty snake! It’s the same concept as any other bangles stuffs that are joined together. You just need to add ribbon, goggly eyes, and another ribbon for the tongue. Done! My kids love their snakes to bits and it took 1 good hour for them to make it :)


Happy Chinese New Year folks! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)


Ps: will give my students the red pocket money filled with chocolate coins this time :p


I’m Falling For You <3

Another valentine’s day arts and crafts! This time is a DIY card. I got the idea from Pinterest, and it was so fun to make them! I think it’s very cute to give this card to someone very special.

This is how it looks like:


To make it you need:

– heart paper puncher

– pink and red colored papers

– brown color pencil for the tree

– felt pens for the writings

– glue


Have fun :)

Valentine’s Day Mobile

The day when we spread the love is coming near! It’s the time of the year again when we can be hearts and flowers..and chocolates ;)

To celebrate this special occasion, the kids and I are making heart mobile as something to hang in the bedroom.

Here’s the picture!

photo 5

Step by step to make it:

– Get some colored papers, cut them into small heart shapes, about 3-4cm high?

– Cut some strings, about 30cm long.

– Cut another colored paper, and make a spiral for the top of the mobile.

– Glue the hearts together, I made 4 pairs of hearts on 1 string, and then tie them up to the spiral paper.

– Hang them! :)


Happy valentine’s day! Hope everyone feels loved and is spreading some love today!

Ps: more valentine’s day arts coming up! ;)

Cutting Exercise

Every Tuesday I have allocated a special time for my students to develop and improve their soft-motor skills. This includes cutting exercises, learning how to use safety pins, make bows, tie a shoelace, how to undo buttons, pouring, and heaps more varieties of activities.

In this post, I will tell you how to improve your child’s cutting skills with scissors. Now in order to be able to cut properly, they need to know how to use the scissor in a correct manner. You can read the instruction here.

I have also created a printable cutting exercise that you can download for FREE. Please do not use it for sale or illegally, it’s only for individual and private use. You can download it here.

Enjoy :)

“Rain rain go away, come again another day!”

Familiar with that nursery rhyme? :)

First of all, please let me apologize for not posting anything since new year. I just got back to work about a week ago, and the kids just started to tuned in again to school mode. After a long holiday little ones tend to “forget” about the routines, and of course, the disciplines!

Today has been declared a holiday by the Governor of Jakarta due to the extreme weather condition. I was only able to work on Monday and Tuesday as the weather was so dreadful. It’s raining all day everyday and the floods have started to come and cover most part of Jakarta. To cut the story short, my students felt quite sad as they can’t play outside due to the rain. We’ve been singing rain-themed songs and watched Winnie the Pooh on Youtube.

After we watched Winnie the Pooh, we made some stuffs as a follow up and the kids LOVED it! It gave them a sense of hope that the rain will eventually stop and there comes the rainbow. So we made our own version of cloud+rainbow (you can see the picture below).


I made the sun and the kids made the clouds and the rainbow :)

To make them you’ll need:

  • – Asturo paper – for the clouds. I cut the pattern of the clouds, they’re about A3 size each.
  • – Glue
  • – Ribbons of rainbow colors.
  • – Soft-toy stuffings. I tried to use cottons, but they didn’t turn out really well as they’re not puffy enough and the materials were a bit hard for children to work on. Soft-toy stuffings are much fluffier and they stick well ie. not messy. The kids love to play with it too :)
  • – Glue tack to tack it on the wall :)

This activity can be very useful when the weather is really bad outside. It really cheered them up and they were so proud of their own work!

Hope it brightens up your day!

xx, R

Intermezzo Post

This is just an intermezzo post, totally unrelated to kids and how to keep them busy.

This year I am blessed that I can spend Christmas in the Holy Land and new year in beautiful Turkey – Istanbul to be exact.

Neway, I pray that whoever that reads or have read my blog will be given a chance to go to the holy land one day, with their hearts open and they are 100% healthy. I want you to feel as blessed (or even more) than I do :)

Just want to wish all of you a happy merry Christmas and happy new year! 2013 is going to be a year of blessings. Things happen when you believe it! ;)

And, my promise to you as per Jan 1 2013 is that I will post more regularly, come up with more (hopefully) original
ideas, and (super hopefully) FREE printables!! All just for you and you little ones :)

Lastly, let us not forget to say I love you to everyone, hug them a little tighter at Christmas, and kiss them at new year!

Love you readers to bits :)

Xx – R

Reindeer Cupcakes

Although the teaching unit has ended, the kids still have to come to school everyday till the end of this week…basically they’re just doing nothing. So I had to really crack my brain to find ways to keep them busy until the home-time bell rang!

I decided to let the kids decorate some cupcakes! To do this activity, you need to:

1. Bake cupcakes. You can do this either with your kids (if you have oven at home/school), or you can bake the cupcakes yourself and bring them to school. I baked 20 chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe on the Internet :)

2. Prepare the icing.

Now to make reindeer cupcakes, you need chocolate icing. I used buttercream icing with a wee bit of chocolate coloring gel from Wilton. You can use cocoa powder too if you wanna go a bit more natural and food-coloring free. Make it a a bit more than you think you might need though.

3. You need pretzels (for the antlers), chocolate chips (for the eyes), and chocolate buttons or m&m’s (for the nose). Just buy a packet from the supermarket :)

4. You need palette knife.


Now, step by step instruction:

1. Put some icing and ‘tidy’ it up with the palette knife.

2. Put the chocolate chips first, so you’ll roughly know where to put the nose and the pretzels.

This is the picture of how the kids’ cupcakes look like:

Reindeer Cupcakes

Cute right?


This activity is actually really good for bonding time with your little ones and have fun with christmasy stuffs at the same time!

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Hope it helps you :)




My Listening Ear

Basically got the idea from this website I’m not too sure why but there are some period of times when kids just don’t listen. They just don’t. Seriously. As a teacher (and I’m sure you mommies out there too), it can be a very stressful thing when your kids just don’t listen to you.

Since we were learning about senses on the last unit, and after I’ve done my research, I stumbled upon the website I mentioned above. So I decided to make it with the kids – My Listening Ear. We made an agreement that whoever don’t listen to the teacher maybe needs to borrow Mr. Elephant’s ears so it’ll be easier for them to listen to something because they’ll have a much bigger ear! So, what happened was, if they didn’t listen to me, I’d ask them to wear their listening ear until they can listen to me without having me to raise my voice. And GUESS WHAT, IT WORKED LIKE A MAGIC WAND! :D

To make it basically you just need:

1. An asturo paper, cut it length wise (to make it like a strap) and measure it according to your child’s head circumference and staple it together at the end.

2. Draw a huge as pair of ears. Ask the kids to color it. Make sure you leave a gap to paste it later on.

3. Cut the ears, and paste it on the asturo paper that you just cut on the sides.

4. Write “My Listening Ears” on a piece of paper and ask them to paste it.

5. Wear it when you get tired of them not listening ;p

So here’s how one of my students’ listening ears look like:Image


Hope that helps :)

xx, R

Christmas Advent Calendar

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything much lately because I’ve been sick. People, make sure you know what drugs you’re allergic to okay?! :)


Because the study unit ended on the last day of November, however the kids are still coming in to school for another two weeks. So in order to keep them busy for 5 hours a day for the next 2 weeks, I did my research on advent calendars and other christmasy stuffs. Found a couple really good ones from

If you look on the bottom of advent calendars on the website, you’ll see some christmas ornaments as well which are some paper dolls. I made them in class as well with the kiddos and stick them on a tissue roll (I cut the tissue roll into 3) so it will stand. You can use it either for a christmas ornaments or you can also put a string on top of the paper dolls and hang it on the christmas tree! :)

Hope this helps to keep your kids busy this christmas!

Wall of Inspiration

I was a bit stressed out with my work the other day and as I was trying to put myself together, I stumbled upon some very inspiring quotes about teaching and children. So I decided to print those quotes and sticked them somewhere in my classroom.

I managed to found a great space (the left side of the shelf where children put their belongings), and turned it into my wall of inspiration! They look something like this:


There are some funny quotes and some really great ones, you can download them here :)

I found them on Google and I’ve put them all together for your convenience! ;)

Be inspired!